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Fighting the Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction with Levitra

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Levitra is a quality male health medication that is classified as a PDE-5 inhibitor. Due to the potential influence of Vardenafil on the body, a single tablet of the remedy can promote over 4 hours of hard and controlled erection. Levitra works relaxing blood vessel muscles and stimulating improved blood circulation around the body. The treatment is commonly recommended as an erectile dysfunction drug, but it can also be used for other purposes, not listed in the safety guide. Talk to your doctor if you buy Levitra online or take it without a prescription.

Recommendations for the Use of Levitra

Use Levitra right as directed by the doctor. Follow the information mentioned on the medication guide and prescription label. Levitra works the same if taken with or without food. The medication is not approved for daily use, so it should be taken when needed, around 60 minutes before the desired sexual activity. The components of the drug start working only after natural sexual stimulation.


Start with the lowest dose that promotes the necessary effects. Geriatric patients should take 5 mg Levitra, increasing it up to 10 mg if the previous dose seems ineffective. The maximum daily Levitra dose is 20 mg. Contact your medical specialist if your erection is painful or you notice the symptoms of priapism.

Contraindications and Restrictions

Do not use Levitra if you are sensitive to Vardenafil or other erectile dysfunction drugs. Patients, who take remedies to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension, should avoid Levitra intake. The drug is contraindicated for women and men under 18 years old.

Your medical specialist should be warned about accompanying and underlying health problems you are diagnosed with, especially the ones that may influence impotence therapy with Levitra:

  • Peyronies disease;
  • Retinitis pigmentosa or similar vision impairments;
  • Hearing disorders;
  • Stomach ulcer;
  • Hemophilia and other bleeding issues;
  • Kidney or liver problems;
  • Seizures;
  • Abnormal blood pressure;
  • Stroke, congestive heart failure or heart attack;
  • Heart rhythm problems;
  • Long QT syndrome and others.

Interactions with Other Pharmaceuticals

Similar to other powerful erectile dysfunction drugs, Levitra can interact with other prescription and non-prescription remedies, herbal supplements, and pharmaceutical products. Do not take Levitra together with Viagra, Cialis or similar impotence remedies, antifungal drugs, antibiotics, HIV/AIDS drugs, heart rhythm medications, blood pressure treatments, etc.

Side Effects

Seek emergency medical assistance if Levitra intake has resulted in breathing complications, swelling of your face, throat or lips, hives, itching or other symptoms of allergic reactions. Stop the use of impotence medications if other dangerous disorders have started bothering you, especially:


  • Signs of a heart attack;
  • Priapism;
  • Sudden vision loss or significant vision impairments.