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"I've been a patient of Dr. Z for over 15 years. He's always fast and courteous when I go for a visit regarding my feet. He'll also take the time to talk to you about the positive things in life. Not to mention he knows his craft!"
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Tony Lee
"Dr. Green is a very good podiatrist! Entire office staff very professional, friendly, and skilled! A+ doctor office!"
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Danny Mosley
"I saw Dr. Israel at the Petal office. I was able get an appt quickly and once I was in the office I was seen very quickly with almost no wait. The doctor and staff were very professional and knowledgeable. Dr. Israel was able to treat me and give me relief from my Plantar fasciitis that day! So glad to have them here!"
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Alecia Hocutt
"Dr. Z is very quick, thorough, and knowledgeable with his work!!! Very friendly staff and clean facility!!! Keep up the good work!!!"
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Bridgette Fairly

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